ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet T.J. Hermesman
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ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet T.J. Hermesman

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T.J. Hermesman, owner and GM of Ted’s True Value Rental, is fairly new to the YPN, but is a seasoned equipment rental professional. This year, in an effort to make more of his YPN membership, he attended his first leadership conference and loved it, finding it both fun and professionally beneficial. 

Learn more about T.J., his leadership conference experience, and why he’s excited to be a YPN! 

What’s your name, company name, job title, and segment your business serves? 

My name is T.J. Hermesman! I’m the Owner/General Manager of Ted’s True Value Rental, and we serve the equipment rental and hardware segment. 

How long have you or your company been involved with ARA and the YPN? 

I am not 100% sure on the exact amount of time my company has been a part of the ARA but I know my grandfather joined somewhere in the late 1970s. I am the first person in our company to be involved in the young professional network side of the ARA, which I only started just recently. 

What do you find most beneficial about being involved in the ARA YPN? 

Our industry is a unique one where there are lots of us “young professionals” who are from family businesses. With what I have seen and felt, it can be hard to get out of the store and away from our family members who we have worked with for so long. For me, being part of the YPN group allows me to get out and talk to those who are in the same boat as I am.  I have also always found great benefits in networking with others to see what they are doing and learning. There is an immense benefit and incredible knowledge from working with others in this capacity. 

Tell us about your experience at your first Leadership conference! 

I absolutely loved the conference.  I have been to different conferences in other industries, and this was hands down the best conference I have been to.  The focus on leadership and ways to benefit us as leaders in our industry was awesome.  I was able to learn a lot and I have many new things to bring to my store that will, without a doubt, benefit me and my employees. 

What made you to decide to attend the upcoming YP Conference in San Antonio? 

With how great the leadership conference was I have no doubt the YPN conference will be just as good, or better!  And, of course, being able to meet with others in my age range and the professional group will continue to bring new and exciting ideas. 

How would you encourage your fellow YP members to make the most of their membership? 

There are very few things I have been part of that have helped me more in my professional life than the help, knowledge, experience, and ideas of those in groups like the YPN.  I am so excited to take part in more of this sharing and networking moving forward! 


Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen
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