Clean. Safe. Essential.

A program focused on health and safety while operating in a new business environment.


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ARA’s new training program offers workplace health and best practices to help rental stores keep employees and customers safe, while operating during and after a pandemic. This program is part of ARA’s Clean. Safe. Essential. campaign to help promote ARA members and the equipment and event rental industry to customers and the general public. Learn more about the Clean. Safe. Essential. campaign from our CEO, Tony Conant. 

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Benefits of ARA's Clean. Safe. Essential. Program

COVID-19 Clean 

Learn how to effectively clean and disinfect equipment through efficient processes and checklists.

Tools for a Safe Environment

Gain the knowledge to create a safe working environment and present that appropriately to customers.

Essential Communication

Develop strategies and update marketing materials to communicate the measures you have taken to provide a clean and safe experience.

National Advertising Campaign

Receive recognition in a Clean. Safe. Essential. themed national advertising campaign focused on consumer awareness. 

What will I learn?


The Clean. Safe. Essential. training program is an industry-wide effort to ensure the cleanliness and safety of all rental operations, employees and customers.


Recommended PPE

The training focuses on gathering the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, cleaning materials, equipment for social distancing, barriers, tape and much more.


Safety Considerations

The course will show you how to prepare your facility for work, such as determining how to enter and exit buildings in a safe manner; how to minimize contact in high-traffic areas; designating where employees can stand while waiting for screening and more.


Cleanliness Checklist

You can download a checlist that reviews the proper steps for how to clean high-touch areas frequently and how to leave a workstation clean and sanitized at the end of a shift.

What do I receive once I complete the training?


What do I receive once I complete the training?



What do I receive once I complete the training?

Point-of-Sale Materials


  • Social distancing floor stickers
  • Window clings
  • Counter signage


What do I receive once I complete the training?

Digital Materials


  • CSE logos
  • Social media graphics
  • T-shirt design
  • Customer communication
  • CSE certificate

How much does it cost?

Per location:



Healthy Work

Practices Guide

Practical guidance to minimize exposure to COVID-19

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