Standard Equipment Taxonomy (SET)

Equipment classification for the
rental industry

SET-ting the equipment rental industry standard

  • Accurately classify and organize your equipment inventory.
  • Enable consistent reporting and industry comparisons.
  • Create streamlined website navigation to ease customer use.

The Challenge

There has never been a standard way for rental companies to organize their fleets. This often makes it difficult to prepare quotes, present a user-friendly web experience, and compare results to peers in the marketplace.

Standard Equipment Taxonomy (SET) - ARA

The Solution

ARA SET – built by experts and members like you.

Organize to the industry standard

Organize to the
industry standard

Intuitive fleet organization so customers can easily rent your equipment.

Unlock benchmarking capabilities

Unlock benchmarking capabilities

Enable consistent reporting and comparisons to industry metrics.

Ready for the web!

Power up your software and website

ARA SET is designed to streamline your fleet information whether in your management software or online.


What is SET?

ARA SET is an organizing approach for equipment rental businesses. SET stands for Standard Equipment Taxonomy, a product structure for rental equipment built by industry experts and members like you. It allows rental companies to share data and make comparisons to like products across the industry. It also helps customers find what they are looking for, especially on your website.

Watch Mike Savely in the video below as he introduces ARA SET.

Benefits for Rental Companies

Consistent naming convention

Consistent naming

Consistent, logical, and predictable naming is critical to ensuring data consistency. One framework. No questions.

More accurate industry comparisons

More accurate industry comparisons

A standard taxonomy makes it easier to compare one’s own results to regional and national peers and competitors.

Better fleet organization

Better fleet

A thoughtful fleet organization scheme results in a better ability to serve your customers.

Benefits for Software Companies

Consistent naming convention

Easy integration

ARA SET has been designed for easy integration into database driven solutions.

More accurate industry comparisons

Industry leading

Industry experts, OEMs and members have contributed to ARA SET, reflecting the most impactful trends in the rental industry.

Better fleet organization

Preferred partnership

When you adopt ARA SET, you become a preferred software provider. ARA will market your solution as Powered by ARA | SET.

Getting SET

Take the first step in organizing your data and your fleet – download a free version
of ARA SET or contact ARA for assistance today!



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Prior to the development of ARA SET, no such industry taxonomy existed. As a neutral, non-profit, dedicated to the advancement of the rental industry, ARA is uniquely positioned to establish such a standard.