ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Allison McIntosh
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ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Allison McIntosh

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What’s your name, company name, job title, and segment your business serves? 

My name is Allison McIntosh, I am the Operations Manager at Taylor True Value Rental in Concord, NH. We offer General Tool & Party Rentals. I have been with my company for three years and have managed for two of those years.  

How long have you or your company been involved with ARA and the YPN? 

My company has been with the ARA for over twenty years, but I recently became involved myself in June of 2021. I attended a leadership dinner sponsored by the NH chapter of the ARA looking for new interest. I loved the environment and was excited to be a member of the board. After my first meeting, I took on the role of board secretary. I then attended the leadership conference in Chicago in November of 2021 where I met and formed friendships with a number of other YP members.  

What do you find most beneficial about being involved in the ARA YPN?  

The most beneficial part of being involved with the ARA YPN is the comradery that comes with every member-to-member interaction with people that have similar experiences and goals. I have made so many connections and friendships since joining the ARA and am confident that these relationships will last a very long time. It is so nice to have a network of like-minded people that I can bounce ideas off of and turn to for advice. 

How would you encourage your fellow YP member to make the most of their membership? 

Every YP member should utilize what is offered to them. Reach out and make connections. Introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to stand out. This group of young professionals is so supportive and excited to help each other succeed. 

Tell us about your experience at both the WIR and YP conferences this past month! 

When I attended the WIR and YP conferences in January 2022, I had no idea what to expect. Reconnecting with people I had met at the Leadership Conference in Chicago was so easy- like visiting with a childhood friend. I met so many inspiring women and aspiring young professionals. The ARA did a fantastic job coordinating the entire trip to include fun nights out at Howl at the Moon, the very engaging Barbara Khozam, and unique afternoon activities on the beautiful Riverwalk. I enjoyed both a wine tasting with the ladies and a tour of the Alamo; both were very fun and educational experiences! 

What are you looking forward to most this year as a YP? 

This year I am most looking forward to recruiting new YP members. I would like to see the next generation of the rental industry involved in state chapter activities. It is my goal to recruit at least one new board member to the NH chapter this year! 

Interested in becoming a YPN member? Visit to get started!

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen
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