Why Forecasting is Essential for your Business
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Why Forecasting is Essential for your Business

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In today’s business world, research and analytics are paramount to future successes. No matter what field or industry, paying close attention to market trends and consumer habits can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Business forecasting, or the process of predicting future developments in business based on analysis of trends in past and present data, can be provided from a variety of sources, but are not necessarily tailored to the rental industry, or to the specific segments like equipment and tool or construction rental. 

Since we know honing in on forecasting and analytics can make a huge difference in the success of your business, ARA decided to create our own program to get you rental-specific information and statistics: ARA Rentalytics. 

What is ARA Rentalytics?

Rentalytics provides your business with the information you need to plan ahead with revenue and investment forecasts at the national, state/province, and in some cases local level. With information on industries, demographics, and economic conditions, this program can help you identify where the trends are, how you need to adjust your focus, and can prompt you to think more futuristically. From rental businesses that primarily serve homeowners to larger-scale construction companies, Rentalytics has vital forecasting information that caters to your needs and gives you a leg up on the competition.  

Within this program, there are several tailored subscription levels to provide the information you need in a format that best fits your business: 

State Digest

A quarterly email containing revenue history and forecast for your state/province with detailed economic driver information.  

State Subscription

Access to the Rentalytics online platform for your state/province with a greater range of data for revenue, investment, and economic drivers.  

Regional Subscription

Discounted price for 6 or more states using the Rentalytics online platform.  

North American Subscription

 Access to data for all US states and Canadian provinces, as well as the powerful data browser that allows you to create your own reports and download as updateable spreadsheets.    

There is so much available to you as you grow your business to the next level. Use ARA Rentalytics to your advantage and start forecasting for your future! Click here to learn more or call 800.334.2177 today! 


Mike Savely

Mike Savely

Mike Savely

Mike Savely
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Mike Savely is the Director of Program Development for the American Rental Association. After serving in the Information Technology department for 17 years, Mike added his research and database skills to the new Program Development department to oversee ARA Rentalytics. Since 2019 he has also managed all ARA in-house surveys, including those that have helped ARA respond to the Covid-19 pandemic. Outside of the office, Mike enjoys woodworking, tending his koi pond, and spending time with his family.

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