3 Ways to Leverage Your Relationship with Teachers
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3 Ways to Leverage Your Relationship with Teachers

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Relationships matter. That’s never more true than when people are looking for a job – or searching for new employees. Teachers and college instructors are your best advocates for recruiting students
and new graduates to enter the rental industry. Here’s how to build a relationship with them – and with the school.

1. Get to know them before the job fair

Teachers will talk with their students weeks before the event, and they just might mention your name or company if you introduce yourself and your business early on. If you take the time beforehand to develop these relationships, you’ll discover that on the day of the job fair, students already will be familiar with what you do – and they’ll be looking for you to learn more.

Okay, but how do you do that?

2. Schedule a call or meeting

It can be as simple as dialing the phone or sending an email. But it does take some initiative. Schedule a call or an in-person meeting with the dean of the college or the principal of the high school. Or try the career counseling department, shop teachers, or vocational schools. Introduce yourself, explain the benefits of working rental, and offer your expertise as a resource to students.

Afterward, send a follow-up email and mention your willingness to connect with teachers and students. Then keep in touch. Share with them your job postings or news about the industry. The next time they hear of a student looking for a job, they’ll think of you.

3. Don't forget your audience

Young people are your greatest messengers, so get to know them and their families. Students are always working on reports and presentations, even at the elementary school level. Offer to visit their classrooms with
information or to be interviewed (even over Skype!) so they become familiar with the industry and your company. You can bet that parents will read their report or project – and you just might find your future employees that way. 

For more resources and tips on workforce management, visit ARA RentalWorks.com. 

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson
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Keith Pearson is a Director, Rental Industry Workforce Development at American Rental Association. His expertise in the areas of recruitment, employee retention, training, leadership and member development, and strategic planning has contributed to workforce development in the rental industry. In his spare time, he enjoys riding Harley motorcycles and is a woodworking extraordinaire.

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