ARA YPN Member Profile: Brady Hanna

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New to the YPN, Brady joined this year and has already been making the most of it! After a great experience at the 2021 ARA Show and the YPN Event, he is ready to connect with his young professional peers and make a difference as the younger rental generation. 

Learn more about his experience at integraSoft, why he’s excited to be a YPN, and what his favorite moments at the ARA Show were in this month’s member feature!  

ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Brian Beaudry

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Meet ARA Young Professionals Network Member, Brian Beaudry. Brian joined the YPN in May but is already looking forward to the many benefits that come with being involved with his fellow young professionals. Learn more about his experience at Point of Rental, why he’s excited to be a YPN, and how he plans to spend his summer in this month’s member feature on the ARA Blog.