Phone Skills Training

By Listenforce/Convirza to fit your unique business

ARA’s parernership with Listenforce/Convirza offers ARA members:

  • Free Secret Shopper Call for each of your locations.
    • You’ll hear exactly how well your crew does on the phone
  • Call sample & coachable call report
    • Easily hear what a good call sounds like and where coaching is needed
  • Educational & Reference Materials for ARA member access in RentalU.
  • ARA Members eligible for a 20% discount on in-depth training sessions

Phone Skills Training & AI Agent Scorecards

Let’s face it, we could all sharpen our skills now and again. When answering the phone, your crew may have fallen into old habits of just giving out information in a robotic way and expecting the caller to choose your business.

Convirza boosts your game in two ways:

  • 1. We train your team for top-notch calls
  • 2. We install AI and provide custom scorecards to track your crew's progress.