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Tim Allen

Allen Rental

I can’t imagine not having ARA in my life.

Beth Hoff Blackmer

Aspen Rent-All

Everything ARA does is about benefiting the membership.

Don Hundley

JLG Industries

I enjoy the mutual shared interest in wanting the rental industry to be successful.

Derek Betcher

John Deere

The world’s leading association for rental

The association is dedicated to advancing the equipment and event rental industry. We’re here to supply you with business resources, employee education, marketplace opportunities, and so much more.

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We’ve been supporting the growth of the equipment and event rental industry since 1955.



The current member locations including rental operators, manufacturers and suppliers.



ARA is an international association connecting rental operators across the world.


ARA exists to promote the success of our members and advance the growth of the equipment and event rental industry.

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ARA is the leading source for education, business resources, networking, news and research for the equipment and event rental industry.

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