The Military and Rental: A Win-Win Relationship
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The Military and Rental: A Win-Win Relationship

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In my 21 years with the Army, 11 of those were spent as a recruiter. I’ve interacted with all kinds of folks that were interested in joining the Army, from high school students to medical professionals and everyone in between. Over the years, I started to notice common attributes among new recruits; general intelligence, dedication, desire to learn, and more. After military men and women fulfill their service obligation, they start to look for civilian opportunities that correspond to their respective skill sets. Because of my previous experiences, it’s been easy for me to see that the skills and qualities veterans have fit perfectly into the needs of the rental industry.    

What do military candidates/veterans bring to the table? 

Most notably their valued experience and selfless service, veterans have so much to offer their civilian job after service. During their service, these candidates develop their ability to perform under pressure and individual dependability, while learning the importance of teamwork and leadership skills. These qualities are extremely valuable within the military and are also transferrable to a variety of job opportunities available in the event and equipment rental industries.  

Military positions that transition well to rental 

The following are a few military careers that align well with rental positions: 

Drivers - Motor Transport Operators 

Drivers in the military operate assigned vehicles over varied terrain in support of combat and training operations. They manage the loading and unloading of personnel and equipment and protect cargo against damage while maintaining vehicle quality and noting deficiencies.  

This position aligns best with vehicle operators in the rental industry, such as Box Truck Drivers, Tandem Axle Drivers, or Tractor-Trailer Drivers. 

Transportation Management  

Transportation managers supervise cargo documentation and movement control units for all transportation modes. They oversee freight, cargo, personal property, and passenger travel, and check, review, and consolidate movement requirements. They also ensure appropriate transport capability and prepare schedules.  

When compared to rental, this position aligns best with Delivery Transport/Event Installers or Fleet Reporting and Analysis Managers. 

Laundry Attendant 

This person receives bulk, individual or organizational laundry and reviews laundry lists for accuracy of bundle count/contents of individual laundry bags. This job involves segregating and marking washable vs. Unwashable items, inspecting inventory, establishing quality control standards, and much more.  

In rental, this position translates to a Warehouse Associate or Operations Team Lead. 

There are many more positions that have the military to rental connection. Others include:  

Power generation equipment specialist  

Construction equipment specialist  

Logistical specialist  

Administrative specialist  

Heat, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) technicians 

Finance management  

Human Resources 

Information Technology 

Cargo Specialist  


As part of the ARA efforts to help rental employers find qualified candidates, we’ve recently partnered with to post-event and equipment rental jobs found on the ARA job board. If you’re not sure if your candidate’s background fits the job description, utilize’s military skills translator to help you understand what your military candidate has to offer.  

There are so many other reasons to hire a candidate with military experience, and I don’t say that from a biased place. The relationship between rental and the military is one of mutual benefit: veterans are provided opportunities to do work that is familiar and requires their particular skill set, and the rental industry workforce is bolstered with hard-working and talented individuals. It’s truly a winning match for all parties. 

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson
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