ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Shaun Brown
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ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Shaun Brown

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What’s your name, company name, job title, and segment your business serves? 

Hello! My name is Shaun Brown and I'm the Vice President of Sales and Rentals at Road Machinery LLC. Our company proudly serves the equipment segment of the rental industry.

How long have you or your company been involved with ARA and the YPN? 

I've been in the equipment/rental industry for almost 16 years.

What ARA resource have you found most beneficial for you and Road Machinery? 

I have always enjoyed The ARA Show to look for newer products that we can add to our fleet and, of course, to catch up with so many of my rental peers. RentalU also has a lot of great learning modules that I have my team review periodically for their training. We really appreciate that ARA has such a variety of resources to offer, there's something for everyone.

We're excited the YP Conference in Arizona is coming soon! What about the Phoenix/Scottsdale area should attendees of the conference in November look forward to most? 

Everything really! The shopping and restaurants in Scottsdale cannot be beat, my top 5 favorite restaurants are in Scottsdale. There are also some world class golf resorts if you have the time explore outside of the conference. 

Any pieces of advice for the conference attendees on how to get the most of their AZ experience in November?

Make sure to just get out and actually explore Scottsdale! Find a new restaurant or bar to visit, shop around, and definitely soak up the the weather while you enjoy your time!


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Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen
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A Marketing Manager at ARA, Hannah joined the association in the summer of 2020. Her experience as a marketer comes from five years in the field, after earning her degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Studio Art from the University of Iowa. Prior to ARA, Hannah has worked in traditional and digital marketing/communication, and loves to use her skills for photography and videography projects. Outside of work, Hannah is on the Board of Directors for the Jaycees of the Quad Cities, and serves on the executive committee of a local 5K. She's also passionate about her garden, home improvement projects, and trying new recipes with friends and family.

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