ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet TJ McQuaid
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ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet TJ McQuaid

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Owner of TJM Rental & Supply, Inc. in Canton, MA, TJ McQuaid has been involved with ARA for over a decade. From attending The ARA Show™ or the various YPN conferences, TJ prioritizes being involved in all the events ARA has to offer. 

Learn more about his experience as a business owner, how he makes the most of his membership, and why he's looking forward to the 2021 show in Las Vegas in this month’s member feature on the ARA Blog! 

What’s your name, company name, job title, and segment your business serves? 

My name is TJ McQuaid and I’m the owner of TJM Rental & Supply, Inc. in Canton, MA. I opened my business in 2011 and we serve in the construction segment. 

How long have you been involved with ARA and the YPN? 

I have attended The ARA Show for about a dozen years and I have been involved with the YPN since the conference in Phoenix, Arizona. In the time I’ve been involved with the YPN, I was fortunate enough to sit on the YP Committee, helping to formulate events and programs which I hope benefited other YP’s throughout the years.   

What do you find most beneficial about being involved in the ARA YPN? 

Whether it’s at the YPN Conference each year or at events held during The ARA Show, the peer networking is something I always look forward to at every event. I’ve built up some great professional and personal relationships with other YP members and I look forward to hearing about the growth of the business they are involved in, as well as what is working to help them be successful. The conferences each winter are always geared toward making the next generation of rental leaders more successful, with sessions that provide cutting-edge ways to manage employees and streamline your processes. During these conferences and gatherings, the group generally will share what they do to reward their staff for performing well, such as group outings, financial bonuses, etc.    

How would you encourage your fellow YP members to make the most of their membership? 

When I came back from my first YP conference, I told so many people that it was the best professional experience I had done for myself and my business. Each conference has provided me with new ideas and ways to overcome obstacles I’ve hit while growing my business. To get the most out of the YPN, make sure you attend as many of the conferences and events as possible. Connect with your peers at these events and stay in touch with them outside of the formal YPN events. Because of the relationships I’ve built, I usually travel to and from the conferences and The ARA Show with people from the YPN every year now. We call each other and book the same flights and hotels, it has become a great group of friends. 

The ARA Show is right around the corner – what are you most looking forward to this year? 

After what’s been a crazy 18 months going through Covid-19, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with vendors and seeing the new products they’ve developed. It’s going to be great to talk face to face with them and discuss what they have in the pipeline that will benefit my customers and help my business continue to grow. I also make sure to attend the YP Reception on Sunday night to kick off the week and always end it with the ARA Party on Tuesday night, with the theme of Oktoberfest for this year. I hope to meet you there! 

Don't forget the ARA Young Professionals Network is now open to associate members. Visit to join today!


Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen
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A Marketing Manager at ARA, Hannah joined the association in the summer of 2020. Her experience as a marketer comes from five years in the field, after earning her degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Studio Art from the University of Iowa. Prior to ARA, Hannah has worked in traditional and digital marketing/communication, and loves to use her skills for photography and videography projects. Outside of work, Hannah is on the Board of Directors for the Jaycees of the Quad Cities, and serves on the executive committee of a local 5K. She's also passionate about her garden, home improvement projects, and trying new recipes with friends and family.

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