ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Brian Beaudry
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ARA YPN Member Profile: Meet Brian Beaudry

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Brian joined the YPN in May but is already looking forward to the many benefits that come with being involved with his fellow young professionals. Learn more about his experience at Point of Rental, why he’s excited to be a YPN, and how he plans to spend his summer in this month’s member feature on the ARA Blog.

What's your name, company name, job title, and segment your business serves?

Hi, my name is Brian Beaudry. I'm a NI Content Generator at Point of Rental Software. Point of Rental is an associate member who serves the entire rental industry - equipment, event, and general, as well as many niche rental businesses.

How long have you been involved with ARA and the YPN?

As a company, Point of Rental has been involved with ARA since the beginning, in '83. We even have pictures of our current CEO at The ARA Show when he was hired to be the company's head developer back in the early '90s! Personally, I've been involved in ARA only since joining the YPN as an associate member the day the email came out announcing it last month, though I've been to a few ARA Shows and was once a body double for Josh Nickell, who used to work at Point of Rental and is now an ARA staff member. 

What are you most looking forward to about being involved in the YP Network?

I want to support the ARA and I want to support the industry! I like the people and I'm interested in having more of conversations to understand what people in the industry care about, because it'll help make me (and Point of Rental) smarter about what we're providing people. 

How would you encourage your fellow YP member to make the most of their membership?

Of all the people I've talked to at our conferences, on-site visits, on our podcast...everyone always says that the best part of the rental industry is how collaborative it is and how much you learn from interacting with industry peers. If you're a member and you're not trying to get the biggest benefit - participating in forums conveniently organized by a group that represents everyone in the industry - why are you a member? My plan is to get involved in the Facebook group, and when I’m feeling burnt out on social media, read the newsletter, check out the events, and meet people as often as I can. 

It’s finally warming up and things are opening again… what big plans do you have for your summer?

"It's finally warming up again" means something different here in Texas... I just got back from a trip to Carlsbad Caverns with the family (very much recommend), but otherwise it'll mostly be hanging out at home with family, celebrating birthdays, hopefully getting back in shape by running once the sun goes down, and getting ready for the ARA Show! We are all excited to get back to attending events and seeing our industry friends again. 

This month, Brian also interviewed ARA Foundation Director, Marcy Johnson, about ARA's YPN for the Point of Rental Podcast. Take a listen by clicking here! We're excited to have Brian as a member. Don't forget the ARA Young Professionals Network is now open to associate members. Visit to join today!


Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen

Hannah Thomsen
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A Marketing Manager at ARA, Hannah joined the association in the summer of 2020. Her experience as a marketer comes from five years in the field, after earning her degrees in Journalism and Mass Communication and Studio Art from the University of Iowa. Prior to ARA, Hannah has worked in traditional and digital marketing/communication, and loves to use her skills for photography and videography projects. Outside of work, Hannah is on the Board of Directors for the Jaycees of the Quad Cities, and serves on the executive committee of a local 5K. She's also passionate about her garden, home improvement projects, and trying new recipes with friends and family.

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