How to Prevent Ransomeware
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How to Prevent Ransomeware

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Imagine this... 

It’s a normal day. You arrive at your rental business to start meeting with customers. As you turn on your computers, you instantly realize something is wrong. You can’t access ANYTHING.  

You ask yourself: 

Where are all the orders for the day? Where are all the dispatch routes? You come to find out everything is gone. All your operating systems have been locked by hackers who are now demanding more than $100,000 in ransomware to get your data back. 

What you should do: 

Take Preemptive steps to avoid this happening to you! Now is the time to action. 

  1. Work with your internal IT department or an outsources cybersecurity service provider to create and implement a plan. 
  2. Using Cybersecurity measures will ultimately save you time, money, and heartache. 
  3. This document provides essential cybersecurity practices to avoid ransomware and other cyber-attacks in your business.  

Why Cybersecurity matters: 

According to network coverage, a national cybersecurity service provider, the average downtime due to a ransomware attack is 19 days.  

That means: 

19 days without being able to conduct payroll. 

19 days without being able to deposit receivables. 

19 days where you cannot service existing customers OR take on new business. 

19 days where competitors take over your market share while you sit in paralysis. 
Finally, on day 20, you get to explain to your customers what happened and how their data may have been compromised in the attack.  

At a minimum, your company should employ tactics in each of the following categories: 


How do you protect yourself from cyberattacks, such as ransomware and phishing?  

Incident Response Plan 

What will you do if something happens at your company? 

Data & System Backups 

How will you recover your data? Do we have weekly backups? 

Cybersecurity Coverage 

What cyber insurance do you have in the event of an attack? 

Remember, cybersecurity is the cost of doing business in the cyber age and an investment in your future.  

Lauren Mau

Lauren Mau

Lauren Mau

Lauren Mau
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