6 Places to Find Job Candidates
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6 Places to Find Job Candidates

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Chances are, not as many job-seekers are knocking on your door these days. That's because there are more job openings than candidates – forcing us to look harder for candidates than ever before. But where do we start? Fortunately, every community has plenty of resources for finding good, qualified, and dedicated employees.

Here are a half-dozen places to start your search, both locally and online.


This much hasn’t changed: Students are still looking for jobs after school, on weekends, and during extended holiday vacations. Talk with the technical colleges, community colleges, and universities in your area to be guided to the best resource person for connecting with candidates.


Many high schools have entrepreneurship programs that serve as business incubators, often connecting with colleges and local industries for advice and support. Others train students in skills and innovative thinking. Check for programs in or near your community to tap into these future entrepreneurs


Business groups have evolved to serve as valuable and reliable sources of young entrepreneurs and workers seeking jobs. Many of these can be found by searching on LinkedIn, others through traditional Google and Bing searches. Among the more prominent entrepreneurs are Junior Achievement, the Young Entrepreneurs Academy(YEA!), the National Business Education Association (NBEA), National StudentLeadership Conference (NSLC), and the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC).


Social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter are communities within themselves. Search for conversations about job hunting and post your own messages on those conversation threads. You’ll likely generate responses from tech-savvy people who otherwise have not heard about the advantages of your business. Also, post on your keep your postings up to date.


There’s no shortage of websites where employers can post job listings—and no shortage of people looking for jobs there. The ARA Job Board uses online marketing and paid search tactics to drive traffic that is interested in career opportunities in the equipment and event rental industry. When using promo code ARA-5Free, all ARAmembers receive 5 free job postings to start with.


Yesterday's unemployment office is today’s one-stop service center with highly experienced staff who set of prospects from their local area. Look online for the state service in your area that knows your local bank of talent and make sure your business is represented. By reaching out to sources like these right people to help your reputation grow – and your business thrive. 

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson
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