Job Fairs: 3 Things to Consider When Reaching Out to New or Experienced Professionals
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Job Fairs: 3 Things to Consider When Reaching Out to New or Experienced Professionals

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Whether they’re Millennials or Baby Boomers (or somewhere in between), people from every generation come to job fairs with one purpose in mind: to find a great new career. But can you really talk to every generation the same way?

Not really, since how they define "great" can vary considerably. And you'll probably encounter every generation at your local job fair. 

So, here are three key things to consider when talking with new or experienced professionals — not only to reach them but to pique their interest in a rental career.

1. For Experienced Employees 

People who have been in the job market for a while, especially those who were employed during the recession, are more likely to ask about job and industry security than pay and benefits. They also usually want to explore working conditions. 

When interviewing experienced employees, especially people who are starting a second career, focus on the growth of the industry, the stability of your company, and the limitless opportunities in rental.

2. For those new to the job market

Students, recent graduates and younger employees often ask what the job pays and what benefits are included. It's not that they don't want job security or value work/life balance; they just haven't been through the challenges accomplished workers have experienced during their careers. 

For younger workers, emphasize pay and benefits, as well as any bonuses, future pay increases and advancement opportunities. Don’t forget to emphasize perks like tuition reimbursement – something that’s very attractive to students. (And if you don’t offer it, consider adding a modest stipend to your benefits package.)

3. For all ages

One of the best things about rental is the range of opportunities for every interest. Leverage that at your next job fair. Ask job seekers what they enjoy doing, either for work or as hobbies. Do they like to talk to people? Are they persuasive? Do they work with their hands? Are they mechanical? Do they like construction or events or DIY projects? Then match your job opportunities with their interests and personalities. Job seekers will be attracted to owners and managers who understand them. That’s why knowing what job-seekers are looking for in their next position can help you communicate about – and sell them on – rental careers.

For more workforce development resources, visit ARA Rental Works and check out the new ARA Job Board to post your current job opportunities and connect with candidates across North America and around the globe. 

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson

Keith Pearson
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Keith Pearson is a Director, Rental Industry Workforce Development at American Rental Association. His expertise in the areas of recruitment, employee retention, training, leadership and member development, and strategic planning has contributed to workforce development in the rental industry. In his spare time, he enjoys riding Harley motorcycles and is a woodworking extraordinaire.

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