Carey Bisonet

Wayne Walley
Carey Bisonet, 36, president, Alpine Events, Grand Rapids, Mich., followed a bit of a different career path that led to the equipment and event rental industry.

Ben Blood

Wayne Walley
Ben Blood, 27, vice president, Big L Rentals and Sales, Garden City, Kan., says he started in the equipment rental industry with a summer job in high school that turned into his chosen career.

Erin Brochu

Wayne Walley
Erin Brochu, 39, owner and manager, Castle Rentals & Welding Supplies, Edson, Alberta, Canada, says she grew up riding around town on her bicycle, delivering the monthly payables for the equipment rental company her father had purchased when she was a child.

Stefani Donabedian

Wayne Walley
Stefani Donabedian, 33, marketing director, Mobile Air & Power Rentals, Worcester, Mass., wasn’t looking to work in the equipment and event rental industry when she returned to the workforce as a new mother seven years ago.

Gina Glas, CERP

Wayne Walley
Gina Glas, CERP, 38, managing partner, A Classic Party Rental, Indianapolis, had thoughts of becoming a photojournalist for National Geographic when she was a kid, but she also believed she would be working in her family’s business when she grew up and that’s exactly what happened.

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