In memoriam: Audrey Ammons
By Ashleigh Petersen

In memoriam: Audrey Ammons

Audrey Ammons, 87, of Seabrook, Texas, died April 19, 2021. Ammons graduated as a registered nurse and was a working partner with her husband, Ron Ammons, in their equipment rental business.

Their business started in 1968 as a tool rental company. It later became One Stop Tents & Events in Webster, Texas, and currently is run by their daughter, Karen Keesler.

Ammons is survived by her husband, Ron; daughter, Karen; sons, David Ammons, Paul Ammons and Jim Ammons; brother, Jim Walvoord; and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Ashleigh Petersen

Ashleigh PetersenAshleigh Petersen

Ashleigh Petersen is the digital communications manager for Rental Management. She writes news and feature articles, plus coordinates the monthly Safety Issue and several sections in the magazine. Ashleigh loves spending time with her husband and young son, baking, gardening and listening to true crime and comedy podcasts.

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