Bee Gee Rental and Sales announces store closing

Nov. 27, 2022

Rick and Myra Van Vorhis, principals of Bee Gee Rental and Sales, Bowling Green, Ohio, have announced the closing of the business, with Dec. 21, 2022, being its final day of operations.

“We have tried for several years to find someone with the same commitment to equipment, service and the community to purchase the business. A recent offer on the real estate has prompted us to sell the property and discontinue business operations,” Rick says.

The company plans to phase out certain services leading up to its closure due to the time element of its rentals and service time requirements.

“Helping people solve problems and find the proper equipment to do the job efficiently and safely has been the most rewarding part of this job,” Rick says. “Working with this equipment has provided a lifetime of opportunity to learn and share that knowledge with employees and customers.”

Bee Gee Rental and Sales was founded in the mid-1950s by Isaac and Marian Loose. When the couple retired in 1977, they provided Rick, a 10-year employee at that time, the opportunity to assume ownership.

“Bee Gee Rental was one of the early rental companies to embrace the technology that allowed us to have better information, the ability to track the availability of products and uniform application of rental charges,” Rick says. “As our first year progressed, the request for purchasing Stihl chain saws prompted us to assume a Stihl dealership. Over the years, Stihl has become one of the most recognized brand names in the country and has resulted in Bee Gee Rental and Sales selling nearly 13,000 Stihl power units.”

In 1983, Bee Gee Rental and Sales ventured into Snapper mowers and over the years, the business has represented Troy-Bilt, Husqvarna, Simplicity and Exmark, resulting in the sales of more than 3,600 mowers, tractors and snow blowers.

Bee Gee Rental and Sales credits its success to family, employees and its many customers.

“We would not have existed without our customers, who have relied on us for their rental needs, power products and repair needs,” Rick says. “We have met many wonderful people and formed many relationships, and we hope that we have made their lives a little better and their work more productive and easier through the years.”

Rick and Myra plan to relax and spend time with family in their retirement, and on behalf of their family and employees “wish to thank everyone who has trusted us to provide their equipment needs, encouraged us and made this career possible.”

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