Ri$k Happens: Three stops forward, one stop back

Sep. 25, 2022 - By Mary Ann Gormly - Loss Analyst, ARA Insurance

A delivery driver for a rental store was making his rounds. His truck had been loaded that morning and he had the list of his stops. He had made the first three and was on his way to the fourth. 

As he pulled up to the intersection, he realized he needed to turn right but was too close to the curb. He needed to make a wide right turn in order to complete his turn properly. He could either go around the block, or he could back up and start his turn again. He opted to back up.

There was a smaller car behind him that was not visible in his mirrors. The driver of the smaller car realized what the driver of the much larger truck was going to do and started honking the horn, but the delivery driver did not hear it. The larger truck backed into the smaller car causing a great deal of damage. The driver of the smaller car and a passenger got out of the car before they were injured.

A police officer going in the opposite direction was flagged down and spoke to all parties at the scene. The driver for the rental store was cited.

Remind your drivers of large trucks never to back up at an intersection even if they don’t see anything in their mirrors. Chances are, there is someone behind them. 

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