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Manage Your Risks: Contracts

Understanding applicable laws and regulations will give you the information needed to create effective contracts, which will then enable your company to limit its risks and potential liabilities. It also will make it easier to develop your policies, procedures and training.

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1.0 The Rental Contract
1.1 Certification Clause
1.2 Time of Return and Possession of/Title to Equipment
1.3 Risk of Loss (or Care of Equipment)
1.4 Hold Harmless and Indemnity Provisions
1.5 Implied Warranties
1.6 Equipment Inspection
1.7 Operating Instructions and Equipment Training
1.8 Damage Waivers (sometimes called Equipment Protection Plans)
1.9 Customer Insurance Requirements
1.10 Repossession of Equipment
1.11 Attorney’s Fees

2.0 Facility-Related Contracts
2.1 Real-Property (Real Estate) Leases
2.1.1 Indemnity Provisions/Agreements
2.1.2 Insurance
2.1.3 Entity Establishment
2.2 Other Facility-Related Service Contracts

3.0 Resources
3.1 ARA Resources
3.2 Rental Management Articles