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Manage Your Risks: Equipment

You can’t run a successful rental operation without good, high-quality equipment — it’s what your business is all about. Since everything that you offer for rent or sale is the income-producing part of your business, it is essential that it all works well and safely. You also need the proper security measures in place to protect your entire inventory from theft and other criminal activity.

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1.0 Purchasing
1.1 New Equipment
1.2 Used Equipment

2.0 Service/Maintenance
2.1 Post-Rental Servicing
2.2 Manufacturers’ Scheduled Servicing
2.3 Repairs
2.4 Documentation

3.0 Equipment Security
3.1 Marking Equipment
3.2 Inventory Controls
3.3 Tracking and Theft Prevention Devices and Storage
3.4 National Equipment Register (NER)
3.5 Theft Prevention Best Practices

4.0 Merchandise Management
4.1 Handling, Moving and Stocking

5.0 Disposing of Equipment

6.0 Resources
6.1 ARA Resources
6.2 Downloadable Forms/Resources
6.3 Rental Management Articles
6.4 Websites