Ready-to-Rent Tags: 4-color - Customized

List Price $185.00
*No Ties*
Another option is to use these customizable four-color Ready-to-Rent tags to streamline your equipment safety program. 

Record your customer checkout information on the yellow portion of the tag. When the equipment is returned, record any repair and maintenance needs after inspection on the red part of the tag. Once repair is done, tear off the red portion so your equipment is showing the green part of the tag, indicating it is ready to rent. Keeping your maintenance and repair records up-to-date is important for maintaining your company’s integrity.

For a small additional charge, you may purchase plastic-coated wire ties to attach your Ready-to-Rent tags to your equipment.

Actual shipping charges will apply.

Custom tags only are available to ARA members.Members insured with ARA Insurance receive an additional 10% discount.


List Price $185.00
Discounts vary by quantity
$0.00  to -$104.00
ARA Member
-$8.10  to -$18.50
ARA Insured

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