ARA Professional Driver Education Program

This member-only educational program effectively covers all areas of a driver's responsibility in the construction and general tool equipment rental industry, from loading and load securement, unloading and Department of Transportation regulations to pickup and delivery at the customer site, on-the-road safety and customer service.

Developed by industry professionals, it includes industry best practices and real-life video instruction in various safety and customer service aspects of their job.

After completing the nine rental-specific courses and the final knowledge check, participants can download a certificate of completion in RentalU.

The program also comes with a Coaching Guide and Student Workbook. The Coaching Guide includes a six-page Driver Review Form, which offers an effective way to conduct hands-on assessment of employees enrolled in the program.

Companies purchase individual licenses through the shopping cart and assign it in RentalU.


  • Licenses are $50 each
  • Members insured with ARA Insurance receive an additional 10% discount.

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