T.J. Hermesman

Wayne Walley
T.J. Hermesman, 34, is one of the owners of Ted’s True Value Rental, Durango, Colo., one of a few different businesses his family has ventured into.

Ele Ioannou

Wayne Walley
Ele Ioannou, 38, company operations manager, Mr Plant Hire (MPH), North London, UK, needed a job, so she applied at a national hire (equipment rental) company 20 years ago.

Rob W. Pedersen

Wayne Walley
Rob W. Pedersen, 37, vice president, A Tool Shed, Santa Cruz, Calif., is a member of the fourth generation of the family-owned-and-operated equipment rental company.

Alix Peña, CERP

Wayne Walley
Alix Peña, CERP, 33, national business development and marketing manager, Arena Americas, Orlando, initially interviewed for an administrative job only to have the company’s vice president, who is now her boss, stop the interview and suggest she be in sales.

Bryan Peters

Wayne Walley
Bryan Peters, 36, president, AdvanceTrac Equipment, Dripping Springs, Texas, founded his company in late 2020 and first learned about the equipment rental industry first-hand by washing equipment for his family’s heavy equipment rental business when he was 14.

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