Whites Location Equipment Supply is on set

Canadian rental company supplies film, television productions and more

Brock Huffstutler
Storyline, script, special effects, and charismatic actors draw people to their favorite movies and TV shows. But action on the screen couldn’t be produced without an undergirding of support from location rental equipment. That’s where Whites Location Equipment Supply, with bases in Toronto and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, becomes the star of the show.

Taking 3D printing to multi-story heights

Black Buffalo 3D is in the vanguard of high-tech, sustainable construction

Brock Huffstutler
For many, the term “3D printing” conjures images of tabletop devices carving items in a neat, high-tech way. But 3D printers are quickly gaining traction across the construction industry and while the concept may be similar to that of their smaller cousins, the scale of builder-grade printers is off the charts, and their application is more than a trend — some call it a revolution.

A high-tech addition to the event rental toolbox

Minnesota company’s 3D-printed creations spark wonder while solving inventory issues

Brock Huffstutler
3D printing technology is making major inroads in the rental industry. On the equipment side, this can be seen in construction where massive printers can build houses and other structures, and even in the manufacturing of component parts for machinery that can help alleviate supply chain-related shortfalls.

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