The easiest tip for customer retention
By Casey Bowden Galen Emanuele

The easiest tip for customer retention

This month is just a quick little tip for customer retention. Simple, quick and extremely effective: Ask for feedback.

If you are a business, if you provide a service to customers and clients as an ongoing service, you have to ask them for feedback.

It’s so elementary when it comes to business, building better relationships, more loyalty and retaining customers. If you have ongoing service that you provide to customers, reach out to them and ask:

  • What is your experience?
  • What would you score us on a scale of 1-10?
  • What do we do that you love?
  • What are we missing?
  • What other services would you like us to offer?
  • How could this experience be a 10/10 for you?


I’m constantly baffled at the services and businesses that I work with on a regular basis that never ask me for feedback.

There are two things I want to drive home:

1. If you don’t do this, a lot of times customers won’t necessarily come to you and say, “Hey, I don’t love this thing about what you do.” They’ll just shop around until they find somebody else who is cheaper, better and provides that service.

2. It’s rarely about cost. It’s more about the service and the quality of service or whatever you’re providing to them that you could tweak.

If you never ask questions, most likely you don’t have a firm pulse on how your customers really feel, and you just don’t ever really know until it’s too late. You will just lose them as customers, and once they’re gone, you don’t have an opportunity to get them back.

Especially if you’re a small business, your relationship with your client is paramount, and asking for feedback is the easiest, fastest and most cost-effective way to check in and make sure you’re serving your customers to the best of your ability.

Galen Emanuele is a speaker and trainer on business leadership and team culture based out of Portland, Ore. Every week, Emanuele produces a video and blog post highlighting vital conversations, building skill sets and showing teams how to drive exceptional culture and leadership. To see more, visit

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