Julie Creedon-Linton, CERP
By Wayne Walley

Julie Creedon-Linton, CERP

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Julie Creedon-Linton, CERP, 39, first joined her family business, Creedon and Co., Worcester, Mass., full-time while she was attending college in Worcester.

“Working in a family business has its trials and tribulations, but it is well worth the effort. I was able to mold into my position and take on more responsibilities, which kept my job exciting,” says Creedon-Linton, who is the company’s vice president.

“This just seemed like the right choice for me. Nothing is ever the same. One day we might be putting up a tent or delivering equipment locally and the next day we are in another state. There always is another problem to solve and it stays interesting,” she says.

Creedon and Co. also is diverse in that it is an event rental company and also a catering company. “We rent equipment for backyard events as well as corporate clients and nonprofit customers. We also do a lot of work for disaster relief organizations,” she says.

Creedon-Linton initially was involved in the Manufacturers and Tent Renters Association (MATRA) when her father, John Creedon, was a board member. Since MATRA did not allow two people from the same company to be on the board, she became more involved with the ARA of Massachusetts. When her husband, Michael Linton, CERP, left the ARA of Massachusetts board, she joined.

“From there, I never looked back. I have grown as a person and a leader by being truly involved with organizations. I enjoy working with other board members and combining ideas,” she says.

Once she became more involved with the ARA of Massachusetts, she also found opportunities to participate in committees with the American Rental Association (ARA) on a national level.

She was selected as the first chair of the ARA Young Professionals Committee and participated in the association’s strategic planning sessions three years ago. She also realized a goal she had when she joined the
ARA of Massachusetts — becoming ARA Region One director on the ARA board, where she currently is serving a three-year term.

While she says her dream as a young girl was to be a Radio City Rockette in New York City, she also believes more people should be considering a career in the equipment and event rental industry.

“Rental companies make a difference in people’s lives. Whether it is providing equipment for weddings, birthday parties or corporate events, we bring people together. We improve life events and company morale. We make difficult things easier with the right tools,” she says.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created a massive challenge for Creedon and Co., but Creedon-Linton says the situation turned into a learning experience.

“The pandemic has truly proven to improve my organizational and communications skills. There were so many moving parts and working mostly remote, I had to be concise on details within our systems, so we didn’t miss a beat,” she says.

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Wayne WalleyWayne Walley

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