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Manage Your Risks: Emergency / Disaster Preparedness

Despite your best efforts to avoid them, disasters and other types of emergencies can and do occur. Your best strategy for avoiding or reducing emergency/disaster-related losses and liabilities is to develop a thorough emergency plan that addresses both emergency preparation and disaster-response activities that protects your assets and limits your potential losses and liabilities.

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1.0 Emergency Planning — Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Requirements
1.1 Minimum Elements of an Emergency Plan
1.2 Additional Elements Related to Emergency Planning/Response
1.2.1 Employee Alarm Systems
1.2.2 Training
1.2.3 Review
1.2.4 Exit Route Requirements
1.2.5 Portable Fire Extinguisher Requirements
1.2.6 Fire Prevention Plan

2.0 Your Company’s Emergency Plan
2.1 Designated Emergency Coordinator
2.2 Employee Responsibilities Outlined in Your Emergency Plan

3.0 Emergency Preparation and Response Equipment
3.1 Emergency Warning Systems and Response Equipment
3.2 Signage and Evacuation Aids
3.3 First-Aid Care and Supplies
3.4 Company Data

4.0 Post-Emergency Evaluation

5.0 Resources
5.1 ARA Resources
5.2 Downloadable Forms/Resources
5.3 Rental Management Articles
5.4 Websites