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Forms and Additional Resources

Creating an equipment maintenance log, determining what to include in a policy or writing a procedure from scratch can seem like a daunting, time-consuming task when you’re busy running your business.

All forms and additional resources can be found in RentalU. Please use the guides below to locate the appropriate resource.

Browse all forms

Use the search bar to discover specific forms and resources using keywords.

ARA RentalU search

Browse forms by category

Begin your search by selecting either the Event Catalog or the Equipment Catalog.

ARA RentalU categories

Then choose the category that best aligns with the form or resource you are trying to locate.

RentalU Category sections

Once on the page, scroll to the bottom section of resources. Here you can browse through the forms and additional resources that align with that category. Note: Forms and resources can come in various formats including but not limited to Word documents, PDFs, etc.

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