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Credit Report Services

Business Profile: A detailed business report containing credit history and public record filings ($32). 


Intelliscore Plus, Commercial: A single-page, scored business credit report ($20).


Business IQ Premier Profile: Adds fraud screening, suggested credit limit and a combination of the Intelliscore Plus and Business Profile reports ($45).


Canadian Profile: Integrated summary report for Canadian businesses ($50). Processed through Biz Experian directly, typically within 24 hours.


Intelliscore Plus, Commercial and Proprietor*: Scored business and proprietor credit reports, which include information on up to four business owners ($20).


Business Owner Profile*: Detailed, scored credit report on the business owner ($32). Requires a subscriber account.


Interested?  Call Patty Rudd with BizCreditReports at 888.512.4879 to get started today. 


 *These products contain Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) regulated information. First-time orders require a subscriber account setup through BizCreditReports.