Credit Report Services

Business IQ Premiere Profile $52

The Premiere Profile Report adds a risk dashboard to the full detail report format which includes the Intelliscore Plus payment score, Financial Stability Risk Score predicting the likelihood of closure or Bankruptcy, basic Fraud Screening capabilities, and a suggested High Credit Limit. This is a comprehensive business report.

Business Profile Report $45

The Business Profile provides information in full detail allowing well-informed credit-granting decisions to be made quickly and easily. The report contains third-party vendor payment information, payment trending, public record information, corporate record filings from all 50 states, financials (when publicly traded), and more.

Intelliscore Plus $24

The Intelliscore Plus score predicts the likelihood of payment to a vendor becoming 91+ days past due within a 12-month performance window. The report also provides key determining score factors and a summary of business information.

Business Summary Report $12

Designed for the quick evaluation of low-balance transactions, the Business Summary provides a one page report referencing the highlights of the business file. Match the appropriate screening costs to your low transaction risk using this report.

Small Business Credit Share Report $43

The SBCS is a national data-reciprocity program that requires data contribution with expanded data fields. If you chose to furnish your trade, line of credit, credit card, loans, lease data into Experian’s business information system, and join the SBCS program, the SBCS report with deeper in content will become available.

Business Owner Profile $13

The Business Owner Profile delivers in-depth credit information on the business proprietor, general partner, or guarantor’s credit standing as per FCRA permissible purpose regulations. Used alone or in conjunction with business reports, your credit evaluation can be enhanced through the use of this multi-faceted approach.

Blended Intelliscore Plus $24

The Intelliscore Plus Blended score model is a true blended model predicting the likelihood of 91+ Days Past Due payment within a 24-month performance window. The Blended Intelliscore delivers the payment score, key determining risk factors, a summarized section on the business, and summaries on up to two owner’s / guarantors. The best performance and value! Report Combinations Report combination prices are available through a single inquiry by selecting a Report Combination from the product menu.

Blended Intelliscore (+) Owner Profile $30

Intelliscore (+) Business Profile $52

Blended Intelliscore (+) Business Profile (+) Owner Profile $52

Business Profile (+) Owner Profile $52

Premiere Profile (+) Owner Profile $60

Blended Intelliscore (+) Premiere Profile (+) Owner Profile $67

List of Similars (LOS) $5

The LOS is an intermediate step after Inquiry and before File Selection. The LOS displays available files that may match your inquiry along with File Content. The LOS is billed only when no file is chosen.

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