ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide

ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide

The American Rental Association has created two guides to help equipment and event rental companies operate safely as the first part of a “Clean. Safe. Essential” program to organize ARA resources. These documents offer practical guidance and considerations to minimize exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) for rental store staff members, customers, vendors and guests. Two guides are available with one focused on construction and general tool and one for event rental companies to address some of the unique concerns of each industry segment.

The guides will help you learn:

  • General employee communication,
    safety and hygiene.
  • Supplies you need to reduce risk and increase
    safety and cleanliness.
  • Showroom, customer area and counter
  • Vehicle safety and cleanliness.
  • Employee screening procedures.
  • Best practices on how to clean rental products.
  • Steps to encourage a safe rental process.



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