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Effectively managing your finances is crucial to the success of your rental business. Whether you’re new to the industry or a second or third generation owner, the right tools make all the difference. Understanding your business financials is key to your long-term success.


Financial products and services for the rental industry

ARA has created tools to help you manage your business, measure your success and plan for the future.

We have resources to help you better manage cash flow.
ARA can help you measure and improve your productivity and profitability.
Use rental-specific profit planning tools to prepare for the future.
ARA member-collected data is compiled in numerous reports to show you competitive metrics.


Rental Profitability Program

Learn how to measure and improve your productivity, profitability, cash flow and financial position.
  • Assess your store’s financial standing
  • Identify areas that are underperforming
  • Understand your business’s key performance indicators

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Cash Flow E-Book

Go through a three-step video-guided process to better understand cash flow management.
  • Budget for profit and cash
  • Know your financial needs
  • Keep a financial focus

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Financial Planning and Analysis Report

This benchmarking report allows you to compare your company’s financial data with businesses of similar size and inventory mix.
  • On-demand customized reports
  • Industry benchmarking data
  • Key financial ratios

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Profit Planning E-Book

Learn how much profit it takes to produce real returns on your investments and practice developing sales and expense management goals.
  • Explore the uses of breakeven and breakeven analysis
  • Analyze the data to use as a framework for making business decisions
  • Develop sales and expense management goals

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Compensation & Benefits Report

This benchmarking report shows how your compensation and benefits package compare to your industry peers. Learn industry standards for:
  • Total compensation, hours worked per week, average tenure, average starting salaries, and hourly wages
  • Employee benefits and policies regarding health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off
  • Compensation outlook and projections

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