Manage Your Risks: Employees

The goal of establishing a prosperous business with a safe work environment that reflects effective risk management strategies begins with the people who make your company function — your employees.

It doesn’t matter how many people you employ because every employees can represent some risk — usually unintentional or accidental but occasionally with intent. So your risk management program must include processes that will prepare the company for any employee-related liability. This process begins when you start your search for candidates, continues through the hiring process and only ends for each employee when he/she leaves your company.

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1.0  Hiring Employees
1.1  Job Descriptions
1.2  Finding Employees
1.2.1  Employee Referral Programs
1.2.2  Job Boards
1.2.3  Career/Job Fairs
1.2.4  Vocational and/or Technical Schools
1.2.5  Working with the Military
1.3  Prequalification and Selection
1.3.1  Employment Application
1.3.2  Resume
1.3.3  Interview
1.3.4  Prior Employment Verification and Reference Checks
1.3.5  Prequalification Testing
1.3.6  Employment Eligibility — Form I-9
1.3.7  Background Checks
1.3.8  Drug and Alcohol Testing
1.3.9  Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Checks

2.0  New Employee Orientation
2.1  Paperwork and Pay
2.2  Introduction to the Company
2.3  Distribution and Discussion of all Policies and Procedures
2.4  Distribution and Discussion of Performance Standards and Expectations
2.5  Discussion of the Company’s Performance Evaluation Process (Reviews)
2.6  Discussion of Opportunities for Advancement
2.7  Discussion of Disciplinary Action or Termination
2.8  Discussion of Ongoing Monitoring and Written Consent

3.0  Initial Job Training

4.0  Employee Compensation and Benefits

5.0  Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act
5.1  General Duty Clause
5.2  Hazcom
5.3  OSHA Form 300 Log
5.4  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
5.5  First Aid
5.6  Safety Meetings
5.7  Bloodborne Pathogens
5.8  Lockout/Tagout
5.9  Fire Extinguishers
5.10  Forklifts
5.11  Aerial Work Platform (AWP) Equipment

6.0  Ongoing Employee Monitoring and Reviews
6.1  Employee Monitoring
6.2  Employee Performance Evaluations (Reviews)
6.2.1  The Employer’s Role
6.2.2  The Employee’s Role
6.3  Managing Poor Performance
6.4  Conduct-Related Incidents and Disciplinary Action for Misconduct

7.0  Employee Terminations

8.0  Resources
8.1  ARA Resources
8.2  Downloadable Forms/Resources
8.3  Rental Management Articles
8.4  Websites

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