ARA updates the Professional Driver Education Program
By Wayne Walley

ARA updates the Professional Driver Education Program

The American Rental Association (ARA) has updated its popular Professional Driver Education Program (PDEP) online certificate program designed for equipment rental drivers.

Participants will work through three modules that allow them to experience “a day in the life of a professional driver” and focuses on all aspects of the driving and delivery processes for an equipment rental store.

“PDEP is one of our most popular programs, but it also was one of the most dated in terms of the video quality and program delivery. It was time to refresh the content and modernize the program,” says Angela Crouse, ARA director, education.

“Members will find the course engaging and interactive with high-quality videos, animation, realistic scenarios and a choose-your-own-adventure activity,” Crouse says.

The three new modules include:

  • The Professional Driver. This module focuses on pre-checking the delivery vehicle; proper loading, unloading and load securement; customer service; and safety.
  • The Drive. This module includes topics such as classes of vehicles and licenses, customer service, safety and defensive driving for different types of vehicles and trailers. It also provides an overview of federal, state and provincial rules and regulations for commercial drivers.
  • The Customer Site. This module shares information on customer service and safety, unloading, familiarization, pickups and end-of-day routines.

ARA members can download a certificate upon completion of the program through ARA’s RentalU learning platform.

“PDEP is an important program for ARA members because it is all about keeping employees safe and reducing risk. Any equipment rental driver would benefit from completing these courses as a key piece of the program is learning how to reduce vehicle-related incidents through defensive driving techniques,” Crouse says.

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Wayne Walley

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