Reducing or eliminating hiring requirements
By Steve Campbell Bernard Bobber

Reducing or eliminating hiring requirements

Manufacturers are tailoring their recruiting approach

Today’s labor shortage may require employers to lower their job requirements in order to make more of the candidates eligible. In other words, companies may consider knocking down some hiring barriers that they chose to erect, and thereby turn away fewer candidates and let more potential new hires in the door.

A benchmarking survey of 40 manufacturers, conducted by Ogletree Deakins’ Manufacturing Industry Group, found companies are doing just that — reducing or even eliminating several of their previous hiring requirements. While what manufacturers are doing may not specifically apply to equipment and event rental companies, the survey results show what some employers have found necessary.

The Ogletree Deakins survey results, released in August 2021, found that:

• 37 percent of manufacturers ceased to screen for marijuana in pre-employment drug tests.

• 27 percent of manufacturers ended marijuana screenings for non-safety sensitive jobs only.

• 12 percent eliminated all pre-employment drug testing.

• 32 percent narrowed the scope of disqualifying convictions.

• 27 percent relaxed the requirement to have a high school diploma or general education development (GED) diploma.

• 20 percent loosened aptitude testing requirements.

• 20 percent eased required prior experience standards.

• 5 percent eliminated an English comprehension requirement.

Manufacturers also have found ways to expand the pipeline of candidates by implementing strategies that target specific populations with a more tailored recruiting approach.

Respondents reported ramping up intentional efforts to target the following particular groups for potential hires:

• Approximately 60 percent targeted students at nearby trade schools and community colleges.

• More than half focused hiring efforts on employees of nearby employers.

• Nearly 40 percent sought military veterans.

• 17 percent pursued former prisoners.

Bernard Bobber, Ogletree Deakins, Atlanta, is the chair of Ogletree’s Manufacturing Industry Practice Group.


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