Phone Skills Training

By Listenforce to fit your unique business.

Listenforce Phone Call Analysis, Reporting, and Training

Our phone skills training focuses on the core areas of:

  • Connect
  • Listen
  • Acknowledge
  • Recommend
  • Close

Training that helps you meet your goals

We train your agents in these skills, record actual calls, and then coach your agents each month as they develop the skills. Our advanced Artificial Intelligence software evaluates the calls providing detailed indicators of performance and our coaches assist your agents to meet their goals.

ARA has partnered with Listenforce to offer members the following:

  • Secret shopper calls (up to 5 per location)
  • Call samples & coachable calls report
  • CLARC skills analysis
  • Educational & Reference Materials will be housed in Rental U LMS for easy member access
  • Analysis & Training to be provided by Jeremiah Wilson or James Walker
  • After the initial training consultation, ARA Members will be eligible to receive an in depth sales training at a discounted rate of 20%