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Event Rental Training

Event Rental Training courses on particular party and event topics provide rental-specific knowledge for an in-depth understanding of that area.  The courses offer similar content and information as those in the Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) program but are designed for general and associate members who want training only on this specific area or who may consider certification at a later date.

Course descriptions:

Driver Delivery Operations

Covers career trends, the delivery vehicles and delivery process, pickup and warehouse procedures, dispatch and communications, working with a crew and the customer, and general safety. 

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Everyday Warewashing (English or Spanish)

Covers inventory maintenance, personal cleanliness, maintaining Warewashing equipment, dishwashing procedures, and education and training. Includes “Everyday Warewashing” DVD. 

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Introduction to Sales: From Closing to Upselling

Covers sales fundamentals, conventional sales techniques, value added selling, how to close a sale, event management, and product knowledge. 

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Linen Processing Specialist

Covers setting up an in-house laundry, fabrics and linens used in party rental, laundry chemistry and processing, managing linens and laundry, and monitoring costs and supplies and maintaining the equipment and environment.

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Tabletop Design

Covers the evolution of tabletop design, career trends, tabletop inventory, design displays, working with customers, and handling the design and budget of an event.  Includes “Tabletop Design” DVD.

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Covers the development of the tent rental industry, including types of tents and accessories. Examines the tent rental process from planning installation to returning tents to inventory, as well as interacting with clients and co-workers.  Includes “Staking and Anchoring” and “How to Install a 30’ x 45’ Rope and Pole Tent” DVD.

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Warehouse Management

Covers storing and cleaning products, organizing and maintaining the warehouse, handling equipment and containers, delivering and receiving products and preventative maintenance.

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