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Besides complying with laws passed by Congress, members also need to be aware of laws passed at the state level that are impacting their businesses. With shrinking revenues and deficit budgets, many state and county governments are looking at a variety of measures to generate revenues. Equipment rental fees, trailer fees, personal property taxes, inspection and licensing fees and many other fees and taxes are being imposed and/or significantly increased at the local level. 

ARA can provide assistance when it becomes necessary to fight an issue at the state level. Increasingly, state associations have been engaging the help and expertise of ARA and its contacts to help them understand and address these issues and the policymakers who vote them into law. ARA staff work with state association leadership to assess the issue and possible courses of action. If it is determined that legislative action is needed, ARA will coordinate with state leadership and its partner, MultiState Associates, to find an experienced, knowledgeable lobbyist who is familiar with that state's capital and those legislators making policy decisions. While the state association will most likely be responsible for paying all of the fees incurred by the lobbyist, ARA will administer the program and hold the lobbyist accountable for activity, allowing members to focus their attention on advocacy for the industry.

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Throughout the legislative process, ARA staff also works closely with ARA state association members and the lobbying firm to continuously evaluate the process and assess progress and deficiencies. With the lobbyist acting as the field commander, a legislative plan is developed and implemented with the close cooperation and participation of the ARA state association membership. 

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