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State Level

Legislative Committees

A key committee for each state association is the Legislative Committee, composed of 3-7 volunteer members. They monitor the effects of legislative activity and regulations at the state level utilizing resources from ARA and their in-state contacts. This group coordinates with ARA when grassroots action is necessary in the state, activating their fellow members or representing them to the state legislature or key committees. ARA works with the committee to send communications out to the grassroots members, encouraging their involvement in specific legislation or initiatives. ARA is able to accomplish this through partnerships with several grassroots advocacy groups.

State Legislative Days

One of the important lessons ARA teaches our National Legislative Caucus attendees is to take what they learn about grassroots lobbying home to their states so they can address issues that are important to the rental industry at the state level. One element states have developed as part of their state legislative programs is a state legislative day. Some states choose to participate in a legislative day organized by another broad-based business group like the state Chamber of Commerce or National Federation of Independent Business. Other states organize their own lobbying day and go to the state capitol to lobby for rental-specific legislation as well as legislation that affects the broader business community.

State legislative days should be part of a larger state legislative agenda. A legislative day may not be necessary every year. However, legislative days can be a good way to build ARA member participation in your state association. The training and experience they offer also can pay off when there is an important rental-specific issue that requires direct action on the part of ARA members in the state. ARA wants to help you develop your state legislative day agenda and program. Give us a call and get involved.


MultiState Associates is an excellent resource for tracking legislation in your state. The site allows visitors to look at the status of current legislation at the state level, and track specific issues that are of particular concern to the equipment rental industry. Please contact Alysia Ryan at 800.334.2177 or for login information.

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