Federal Issues | Regulations


When Congress passes a bill and the President of the United States signs that bill into law, the federal agencies responsible for implementing the law are required to write regulations and procedures for that implementation. ARA’s government affairs staff is responsible for monitoring the regulatory development process of federal agencies and providing those agencies with information that is relevant to specific rulemakings. 
One excellent example of ARA’s involvement in the regulatory process was the work done to make trailer surge brakes legal on most small and medium duty trailers everywhere in the U.S. To download a copy of the final rule making surge brakes legal, click here.
ARA also monitors regulations on the emissions from diesel equipment. This section may also be cross referenced with the California Air Resources Board section on our state issues page. For more information on the California Air Resources Board and regulations affecting the rental industry, click here.

ARA also submitted comments on the Administration’s proposals to review EPA authority to regulate Greenhouse Gasses under the Clean Air Act. 
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