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Industry Research

The American Rental Association (ARA) offers critical rental-specific market information via the Rental Market Monitor, compiled by respected economic research firm IHS Global Insight

 "My banker likes that I know where my industry is forecasted to go and he likes knowing that my source for information is the most well known economic analyst firms in the world." - B. Blood, Rental Market Monitor subscriber.



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The basic annual subscription provides:

  • National-level data for the United States and Canada.
  • Quarterly forecasts and updates.
  • Five licenses for company employees.

Rental Market Monitor can help you:

  • Budget and forecast rental revenue
  • Helps secure financing
  • Decide where to expand your business

Rental Market Monitor service is:

  • Affordable. The basic annual subscription costs $100. Subscribers can choose to access information for other states for additional fees. The price for complete access – the basic subscription, plus all states and more than 360 major metro areas is $2,995.
  • Updated quarterly. IHS Global Insight updates the data and analyses each quarter, giving subscribers access to the latest available economic information.
  • For ARA members only. The Market Monitor is available to ARA members only. To find out more about membership with ARA, click here or call ARA Member Services at 800-334-2177.

For more information:

For more information, contact Tracy Johannsen at 800-334-2177, ext. 270, or e-mail tracy.johannsen@ararental.org.

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