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ARA Role in the Industry

The American Rental Association (ARA), founded in 1955, is an international trade association for equipment rental businesses and rental equipment suppliers and manufacturers.

With current membership consisting of more than 8,600 rental businesses and nearly 1,000 manufacturers and suppliers, ARA, which is headquartered in Moline, Ill., is a member-dedicated and member-focused organization that is considered the global leader of the rental industry. ARA is the largest equipment rental organization in the world.

The ARA serves three broad categories of the rental industry:

  • Construction and industrial equipment
  • General tool and homeowner equipment
  • Party and special event equipment
Rental Show

The ARA offers a diverse array of services and resources for members of all size rental operations, including The Rental Show, the association’s annual convention and the largest equipment rental trade show in the world, a national advertising campaign and hands-on training workshops for rental professionals.

In addition to business management tools, ARA publishes Rental Management magazine and related publications to keep members well informed of the latest information within the industry. ARA owns ARA Insurance, which provides rental-specific insurance to qualified members. ARA provides administrative services to the ARA Foundation on behalf of the industry.

Geographically, ARA divides the United States and Canada into 10 regions, with each having a member on the ARA board of directors. The Canadian Rental Association (CRA) also partners with ARA. Each region has state, local or provincial associations, and each of these associations has its own officers. Through membership in ARA, general members (rental businesses) and associate members (manufacturers and suppliers) have the opportunity to participate in these associations and be active at the grassroots level.

As a nonprofit membership organization, ARA relies on volunteer membership involvement on committees and task forces to support the goals of the ARA strategic plan of supporting ARA’s core purpose of promoting the success of its members and advancing the growth of the rental industry. ARA volunteers benefit through networking with their rental peers and receive the latest information on top developments within the industry.

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