ARA Mission

ARA Mission

ARA Core Purpose

To promote the success of our members and advance the growth of the equipment rental industry.

ARA Core Values

  • Support community and networking among all members.
  • Respect the diversity of member views and opinions in determining policy and direction.
  • Develop leadership through volunteerism and self-initiative.
  • Represent professionalism and integrity in the equipment rental industry.
  • Embrace change and continuous improvement. 

ARA Vision

ARA envisions the time when consumers choose rental first as a solution to their needs.


ARA strives to achieve the following goals on behalf of our members and the equipment rental industry. Strategies are developed and implemented to support the goals.

The association evaluates progress on an ongoing basis and is proactive in adjusting the goals and strategies, when needed, to avoid roadblocks and achieve success for our stakeholders:

  • ARA will be the leading source and resource for information regarding the equipment rental industry.
  • ARA will be the recognized voice and advocate in government affairs on issues of importance to the equipment rental industry.
  • Consumers will recognize the equipment rental industry as a professional first solution for their equipment needs.
  • Members will view ARA as a valued and reliable partner – providing tools, information and resources contributing to their business success.
  • Buyers and sellers in the equipment rental industry will find mutual benefit from ARA’s facilitation of relationships and connections.
  • ARA’s organizational structure and culture will support the achievement of ARA’s purpose, vision and goals.

We welcome your questions and feedback.
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