XL Specialized Trailers low-profile paver trailer

Jun. 06, 2021

The low-profile hydraulic detachable gooseneck (HDG) trailer from XL Specialized Trailers, Manchester, Iowa, is designed to haul paving equipment. The trailer has tapered front beams, offering a low load angle of four degrees. In addition, 42-in. flip ramps provide extra loading assistance. The 13-ft. gooseneck has a swing clearance of 110 in., and the relief cut out in the gooseneck provides additional space between the truck and trailer. The sloped nose of the gooseneck protects the air and electric connections from damage.

The neck also offers a five-position ride height. Based on neck position and load, the deck can be leveled as needed with the adjustable wheel area ride height. With a capacity of 110,000 lbs. in 12 ft., the trailer has an overall length of 53 ft. and overall width of 8.5 ft. With Apitong decking for increased durability, the 26-ft.-long main deck features a loaded deck height of 24 in. and an 8-in. ground clearance. The trailer also offers a 14-ft.-long rear deck that has a 40-in. loaded deck height.

The trailer’s main deck offers seven pairs of bent d-rings along the outer beams, 13 chain drops per side on the outer rails, four chain drops around the toolbox and swing out outriggers on 24-in. centers. The toolbox, located at the front of the main deck, provides a storage area for chains and other items, while the deep bucket well in the rear provides an area for an excavator bucket to ride safely without detaching the lower boom section.

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