A message from your regional director
By Brock Huffstutler

A message from your regional director

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Eight members. Where has the year gone? Here we are in mid-October and it’s wonderful to see so many rental operations bustling with activity. Amid the busyness of the season, I encourage you to set reminders about a couple of very important items coming up soon that can impact your business.

Registration for The ARA Show™ 2023 in Orlando opens Tuesday, Oct. 18. It seems like forever, with everything that has happened in the world since the last “pre-COVID” show was hosted in Orlando in February 2020, doesn’t it? Orlando is a hugely popular destination for the show, and I know everyone is excited about going back there and focusing on the future of our businesses and the industry. Check out everything show-related — and get registered — at ARAshow.org.

November means election season and while we might be getting tired of seeing and hearing all the campaign commercials, I think you’ll agree that the upcoming midterm elections on Tuesday, Nov. 8, are a big deal. All 435 U.S. House of Representative seats and 35 of the 100 U.S. Senate seats are on the line. In fact, every race in the election — at the local, state or federal level — is important and can impact jobs, communities and daily life. That is why you should vote and encourage others in your business to do the same.

One handy resource to help navigate the uncertainties around voting is ARAvotes.com, ARA’s Voter Resource Center. Just type in your address and you will find personalized voting information like important election dates, information on how to register to vote, polling locations and details on the various ways to cast a ballot. The ARA Voter Resource Center also offers information on top issues, elected officials and the latest political news. Check it out and share it with your staff.

ARA recently finalized the voting process for its national board positions, and it was nice to see a Region Eight-based company — Rainier Industries in Tukwila, Wash. — represented among the incoming board members. Larry Ott, Rainier’s Northeast sales representative for the Commercial Tent Division, will assume his role as an associate member director on the ARA board at the end of The ARA Show in Orlando this February. Way to go, Larry.

Finally, I would like to thank Valley Lumber & Rental in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for setting a great example for all of us in the equipment rental industry. In the spring, the company stepped up to serve as a major sponsor of an event at its local college promoting careers in the skilled trades. These are the kind of events that those of us who suffer from skilled employee shortages need to get involved with. Read more about Valley Lumber & Rental’s experience with the College of Eastern Idaho’s Construction Combine in this issue.   

Have a wonderful fall season.

Steve Ricci, ARA Region Eight director
Bigfork Rentals
Bigfork, Mont.

Brock Huffstutler

Brock HuffstutlerBrock Huffstutler

Brock Huffstutler is the regional news editor for Rental Management. He writes and edits articles for ARA’s In Your Region quarterly regional newsletters, Rental Management, Rental Pulse and other special projects. Outside of work, he enjoys biking and spending time at the few remaining vintage record stores in the region.

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