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While ARA serves the equipment and event rental industry across the continent, our state and local associations make us even more available to you. We know that every region and state is different and that sharing local knowledge is important, so we created ARA Regional Newsletters.


What’s inside

Published quarterly, your regional newsletter includes a message from your regional director, updates from each state association, and topical, regional news that affects the equipment and event rental industry.

Your regional director will connect you with news from around the industry
Each newsletter includes a nod to safety, something we all prioritize
Member Spotlight
Learn more about rental operators in your area
Rental News
In-depth, focused news coming from your neck of the woods


A message from your regional director

A message from your regional director

Hello American Rental Association (ARA) members. Event rentals are in full swing this summer at my operation, for which I am extremely grateful. I hope you are experiencing the same pace of rental activity and not going too crazy with the...

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A message from your regional director

A message from your regional director

Hello, American Rental Association (ARA) Region Six members. I hope everyone is having a great year so far. Our spring busy season got off to a wet start here in the Midwest, but business has been good for most, so that is something to be...

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