Manager Mentoring Program Application

Participant Requirements:

  • Attend the January kick off meeting that includes a virtual breakout session with your mentor/mentee.  If unable to attend this session you will be required to meet virtually with your mentor/mentee prior to February 15th.
    • It is an expectation for your participation to meet with your mentor/mentee on a regular basis.  You will be expected to schedule the meetings at your first virtual meeting.
    • You will be given a notebook to keep track of the date of your meetings, current problems and solutions discussed during your meetings.
  • If attending the 2024 ARA Trade Show you are required to attend the in person Meet and Greet on Sunday, February 18, 2024, from 4:00 – 5:00pm.
  • Attend the virtual ARA Foundation Sponsored Session by Track
    • March
    • July
    • October
  • Complete and sign the mentor/mentee agreement.
  • During the program period we want to hear from you and will be sending out periodic surveys to learn how the program is impacting you and assess your participation in the program.  Completing the surveys is a requirement of participating in the program.

Recognition: Certificate of completion for mentor, certificate of completion for mentee.

Duration of program: 1 year