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Presently, the ARA is supporting members on this issue with several products and services:

ARA Professional Driver Education Program

Your drivers are responsible for the safe loading, unloading and securement of your rental equipment. But that’s not all. They also represent your company day in and day out. Their appearance, interactions with customers and actions behind the wheel directly reflect how customers perceive your business, thereby making a knowledgeable driver a real asset to your company.

The ARA Professional Driver Education Program, developed in conjunction with ARA Insurance Services, is the first-ever, rental-specific online training program that covers a driver’s critical responsibilities: loading, unloading and securing equipment, delivering to and picking up equipment from the customer’s site, offering excellent customer service, handling on-the-road safety and adhering to Department of Transportation regulations. 

Event Rental Training course – Driver Delivery Operations

The Event Rental Training courses offer similar content and information as those in the Certified Event Rental Professional (CERP) program but are designed for members who want training only on a specific area.  It covers types of delivery vehicles, the delivery process, working with crews and customers as well as safety issues.

Winning with Towable Safety DVD

The “Winning with Towable Safety” DVD illustrates the correct way to maintain towables and attach them to vehicles to ensure the safety of both your employees and customers. It reviews hitch safety, loading, safety equipment and more. The product comes with a 12-minute video, one workbook and a leader’s guide. 

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