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One of the goals of the ARA Foundation is to provide quality educational opportunities for those in the equipment and event rental industry. Therefore, we support our Young Professionals Network (YPN) and the Women in Rental (WIR) groups by sponsoring speakers who deliver messages about leadership, business acumen, customer service, and more at The ARA Show™ and conferences throughout the year.

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How we support


In an effort to develop future industry leaders, the Foundation offers graduate, undergrad, trade school and student membership scholarships to assist with the cost of higher education.

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Community Impact Program

In partnership with the Toro Company Foundation, the Community Impact Program gives back to communities across the country through various rental-related projects.

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Mentoring Program

The ARA Mentoring Program offers the opportunity to be mentored or to be a mentor in a professional and structured environment.

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Sponsored Training

The ARA Foundation provides professional development opportunities through sponsoring educational programs and conferences to create a better qualified workforce.

Young Professional Network  Women in Rental

Employee Training Assistance

From welding to hospitality services, we help fund continuing education and training for your employees.

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Disaster Relief

ARA Foundation is committed to helping our members when natural disasters strike. Grants are available to assist rental businesses and employees.

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More than $125,000 in scholarships will be available for the 2022-2023 school year



ARA Foundation can award up to 50% of training costs


Group Trainings

The ARA Foundation sponsors numerous training sessions throughout the year

Mission and Vision

We strive to provide opportunities for the equipment and event rental industry and the communities they serve. Our goal is to be the leader in educational assistance and provide support for rental businesses and their communities.


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